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The history of Thailand's air cargo services began at the same time as passenger services in 1922 when the country's first schedule domestic flights were inaugurated - the first such service in Asia.

As aviation grew within the region, Thailand's contribution became even more dynamic. By the time THAI was founded in 1960, Bangkok was already a major aviation gateway to Asia and International crossroads in the region, served by more airlines, with more flights, than any other cities in South East Asia.

In 1960, the year the company was founded, THAI served 10 regional destinations within Asia, using three aircraft. We handled over 700 tons of air cargo from our own flights at our tiny facilities at Bangkok International Airport. The dynamic growth and commercial success of THAI became almost a legend. By 1980, our fleet of 21 aircraft served 34 destinations and carried 95,000 tons of cargo. THAI understands the special air cargo needs of a rapidly changing economic world, working closely with customers at home and abroad to create maximum benefits from new opportunities. We have helped to create new markets by improving transportation for commodities as varied as fresh fruit and flowers, fashions and electronic components from the region. We also have introduced competitive freight rates, helped to speed airport facilitation procedures, while providing the fastest, most direct routes from producers to consumers.

Fast, reliable and economical air cargo operations will continue to stimulate business opportunities throughout Asia. Over the years, we have invested massively in up-to-date facilities at Bangkok International Airport to serve the dynamically growing demand from air cargo operators. An important extension of the airline's computerized service has been the launch of this Online Revenue Cargo Handling and Information Distribution System (ORCHIDS). This superbly designed computerized tracking system links the airline's online destinations and interfaces with the computer networks of most other major airlines, providing customers with state-of-the-art technology for reservations, tariff calculation, space control, documentation and tracking. Further system enhancements are currently being added to meet the demanding requirements of the awarded International Quality Management System - ISO 9001:2000. at its Bangkok Cargo Terminal.

Since late 2003, THAI Cargo reorganized its functions and leaded by Mr. Chanchai Singtoroj to implement new market concept by having product management as the center of the supply chain to deliver the best service to the customers with the new theme, 'THAI Cargo Thai Care' which the customers' satisfaction is highly focused.

In 2004 the company handled a total of 784,343 tons of air cargo at its Bangkok Cargo Terminal via 106,785 flights of our own and those of 47 customer airlines. Subsequent expansion saw the increase of office and handling areas stepped up by over 70 percent to 64,400 sq.m.

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