Human Remains

Human Remains


Human remains may only be accepted for carriage provided by the following

1.       They are accompanied by a Death Certificate issued by the appropriate authorities in the country of death

2.       All laws ordinance or governmental rules and regulations I the country of departure, transit and destination regarding to a carriage of human remains must be complied with.

3.       Period reservation through destination is confirmed

4.       No ceremony whatsoever should take place at departure of destination

5.       THAI doesn’t accept any human remains that are consolidate with any cargo other than Human remain

Packing Requirement:   COFFIN (HUM)

1.       Coffin must be secured in rigid caskets preventing shifting and the escape of offensive odors

2.       Only coffin designed for air carriage, and thus equipped to stand variation in air pressure must be accepted

3.       No cremated human remains must be contained in a leak-proof and hermetically sealed metal coffin with handles inside a wooden casket or wood-based air tray which is entirely neutral and does conceal the typical coffin contours in order to avoid recognition of the contents by outside persons.

4.       The interior must be covered with absorbent material

Cremated Human Remains Funeral Urn

1.       Funeral urns may be carried on any passenger or cargo aircraft provided governmental rules and regulations have been complied with and a prior reservation right through to destination has been confirmed

2.       Accept Urns or other suitable container as cargo with no special restriction

Make sure that the Urn or other container is packed in a neutral outer pack that will protect the Urn from breakage and / spillage


For more details and enquiries, please contact our cargo sales office in your respective country